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What We Offer

Listed below are a few common repairs and their estimated costs.  The best thing to do for  an accurate quote is to bring your bike to the shop.

*Please note that all prices are subject to change based on make, model, and condition of bicycles.*


Flat Fix 


Brake Adjustment


Advanced Tune Up


Hub Overhaul


Spoke Replacement


Wrap Handlebars (labor)


Derailleur Adjustment


Tune Up


Hub Adjustment


Wheel Tru


Headset Adjustment


After School Matters Programming

Bikes N’ Roses (BNR) is a youth-founded, youth-led bike collaborative and after school program in which teens learn to build and repair bikes while developing communication and entrepreneurial skills through interaction with real customers and helping run a business. BNR promotes biking in the community as a healthy, affordable form of transportation and offers youth a comprehensive bike curriculum, in-depth youth development opportunities, and connections to community and industry partners. If  you are  more experienced with working on bikes, BNR also offers an internship program, in which you will be taking more of an independent leadership role. 

If you are interested in participating in either program, please click below and fill out an application with After School Matters.

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